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Drawing on our expertise in A/C, Refrigeration, Electrical & Solar Solutions, we created our Energy Management Division.  

Our unique and diverse background sets us apart from other companies.  It’s this diversity of expertise that makes us the right company to consult on your energy efficiency requirements, no matter what the type or size of your business.

There are various Government and Industry subsidies available both at a State and Federal level.  Accessing and making sense of these schemes can involve a mountain of paperwork and time consuming red tape. AdtechEco has built a network of experts that simplify the process for you. Various factors will determine which is the best rebate scheme to access.  We will identify the specifics of your businesses requirements and then engage the most appropriate  rebate scheme for you.

AdtechEco facilitate the entire program through its consultative, turn-key process:

CONSULT - discuss your needs & expectations

IDENTIFY - conduct the appropriate energy audit, identify  suitable solutions

PROPOSAL - scope the technology, cost/benefit analysis, initiate relevant Govt rebate programs
                      and begin paperwork on your behalf

IMPLEMENT - installation by expert install teams, process paperwork for your rebate  payment


Introducing energy efficiency improvements is one of the most cost effective strategies any business can do to drive significant cost savings and protect against ongoing rising energy costs.

Energy is an essential business input and often constitutes a significant and growing  item of company operating expenses. The cost of energy is projected to continue to rise due to many factors, a number of which are beyond the control of most businesses.   The introduction of a carbon price will place further upward pressure on energy prices and improve returns on energy efficiency investments.

Even if energy comprises a small percentage of operational costs it is often the key source of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions is increasingly becoming more important to buyers and the perception of the general public.


Businesses can realise many benefits through effective ongoing energy management. Implementation of the systems and processes to achieve best practice in energy management can build business value by:

• Unlocking significant savings – Organisations that have taken a strategic approach to energy efficiency often find project opportunities with attractive payback periods and ongoing reductions in energy expenditure providing better financial performance.

• Reducing exposure to future energy price increases – Many Australian businesses have already felt the impact of rising energy costs. Energy efficiency improvements offset these costs, making energy-efficient organisations less vulnerable to future price increases. Energy efficiency improvements deliver ongoing financial benefits. The return on investment for these projects improve as energy prices increase.

• Improved risk management – Business risks associated with rising energy prices and inefficient energy use include increased operating cost risks, damaged reputation, exposure to rising electricity costs, high staff turnover, and climate change risk. Effective energy management is a core component of an effective risk management strategy.

• Reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability – Energy efficiency actions can identify problems before they occur and reduce the load and operating hours of machinery and equipment. This often improves production uptime, reduces labour and component costs, and extends the useful life of the asset.

• Reputational benefits – Public perception is an important consideration for many companies. A strategic approach to energy management and reducing your carbon footprint demonstrates good corporate responsibility.

• Reducing employee turnover as staff become more enagaged and motivated by having direct involvement in energy efficient practices.


Energy Management Brochure

Energy Monitoring Brochure



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